Quiet Lanciano streets in the midday sun

So much of life in Abruzzo is lived outside in the warmer months. Air conditioning in homes is rare. Families live on pretty balconies, terraces and courtyard and gather in parks and piazzas for shade and company.

During my recent stay in Lanciano and my travels beyond, I wandered the streets, chatted with strangers and enjoyed the wonderful street life. But in the heat of the afternoon, when everyone was inside to ‘fare un pisolino’ – take a nap – the streets were silent and still and mine to photograph…








5 thoughts on “Quiet Lanciano streets in the midday sun

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  1. Any photos of Montepagano (Old Roseburgo) and Village of Ripa Fagnano Alto (L’Aquila) will be appreciated. My maternal and paternal ancestors came from these places.

  2. Air conditioning is becoming increasingly popular, with new converts every year. They used to be afraid of catching cold from it, but so many more people have it now, people are getting more and more convinced that they’re necessary. I love Lanciano, it’s about 13 km from where I live.

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