Ciao a tutti! Benvenuti! Welcome to my blog about Abruzzo. I’m a self-confessed Italophile with roots in the Abruzzo region. My mother’s parents were both born in the Teramo province of the region. My grandfather, Giovanni Pergolini, came from Montepagano (just up the hill from Roseto degli Abruzzi) and my grandmother, Anna Mezzacappa, from Morro d’Oro, (13 kilometres from Roseto).

I visit every few years to spend time with cousins, learn more Italian, explore my roots and search for more members of the family tree. I know many of my grandfather’s Pergolini family, but not his mother Sofia De Angelis’ family or their history before Sofia (b. 1867 Montepagano – d. 1935 Roseto degli Abruzzi).

My grandmother’s father was Nicola Mezzacappa and her mother was Maria Antonietta Di Rocco.  They were married in Italy and emigrated a few months apart in 1909 to the USA. Maria Antonietta took my grandmother Anna and an older sister Maria Luisa, with her. We have a few family records from the DiRocco part of the family. We would love to hear from anyone with information about the Mezzacappa and Di Rocco families in Italy or around the world (I live in Australia).

Grazie tanto!

Mary Louise (Lou)

Bio: Writer, Blogger, Traveller, Italophile.



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  1. Auguri on the new blog! I started mine a few months before you and it’s really a continuous learning experience but I’m really enjoying it. Here in Vancouver Canada we have a lot of Abbruzzese-a lot of them from Civitanova. They are mostly immigrants from the 1960’s. Ciao Cristina

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