Bikes of Pescara – Bici di Pescara

Pescara is flat, and the beachfront is long. It’s perfect for cycling year-round.

The commercial centre, just east of the railway and bus stations, has a large section of pedestrianised streets (area pedonale). All day and well into the evening, when the weather is fine, this area is filled with people strolling, standing in groups chatting, or slowly cruising to another part of town on their bikes.

I was so pleased to see the range of people from all age groups and walks of life out on their bikes on a Friday evening and throughout the weekend. Going home from work. Meeting friends for a drink. Heading to the beach. Doing a bit of shopping.

No one was speeding, and everyone was considerate of the pedestrians, strollers and dogs. And not one person felt the need to wear a helmet.

Would more people hop on their bikes here in Adelaide for those short trips if helmets were not mandatory?

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    1. Robyn, Even in Italy though, I have noticed a decrease in the number of urban cyclists compared with my first trip in the 70s. Pescara is spread along the flat Adriatic coast and is a beach resort as well as a normal town, so bike friendly. The flatness of Adelaide makes cycling a perfect activity here too. MLT

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